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Congratulations on the ordination of Rev. Angela Lerena and Rev. Nelson Serrano Poveda


During these COVID19 days in which we find ourselves and through which we continue to navigate with care and caution, EDSJ has established protocols and guidelines endeavoring to keep one another safe.  Our protocols and guidelines are predicated on identifying that public health will always supersede economics. And communal, theological and mutual responsibility must take priority over individual rights.  This was no more evident than in our recent ordination of Angela Lerena and Nelson Povedo. Angela and Nelson were ordained to the priesthood. A significant portion of the service was pre-recorded and the parts which were live, occurred in a "masked and socially distanced" manner.  We continue our commitment to public safety and common good and we welcome and celebrate to the Holy Order of Priest, Angela and Nelson.


St. James Cathedral had some organizers of a car celebration! Check it out HERE.

Congratulations on the ordination of Rev. Angela Lerena and Rev. Nelson Serrano

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Being Church in the Fields - Farm Workers Ministry

Siendo Iglesia en los Campos - Ministerio con trabajadores del Campo

The Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin is an agriculturally rich Diocese.  Our motorway and secondary road systems are lined with pastures, paddocks and pens.  And the people who primarily ensure that those pastures, paddocks and pens are prepped, planted and eventually picked are people of color. They are the farm workers of the Central Valley and the High Sierras of California, namely, EDSJ.  Unfortunately, as a Diocese, in the past we have not known the farm working community, thus we have not heard their stories or listened to their needs.  We are endeavoring to change that reality. I have joined our Diocesan Latino/Hispanic Missioner, The Reverend Nelson Serrano in a series of visitations with farm workers. We have enjoyed such visitations in Visalia and Lodi. We look upon this as a beginning, and a holy beginning it is.


The Rt. Rev. David Rice 

La Diócesis Episcopal de San Joaquín es una Diócesis rica agrícolamente. Nuestras autopistas y carreteras secundarias están bordeadas de pastos, potreros y corrales. Y las personas que principalmente se aseguran de que esos pastizales, potreros y corrales estén preparados, plantados y finalmente recogidos son personas de color. Son los trabajadores agrícolas del Valle Central y las Altas Sierras de California, a saber, EDSJ (La Diócesis Episcopal de San Joaquín). Desafortunadamente, como Diócesis, en el pasado no conocíamos a la comunidad de trabajadores agrícolas, por lo tanto, no hemos escuchado sus historias ni sus necesidades. Nos esforzamos por cambiar esa realidad. Me he unido a nuestro Misionero Diocesano Latino/Hispano, el Reverendo Nelson Serrano en una serie de visitas con trabajadores agrícolas. Hemos disfrutado tales visitas en Visalia y Lodi. Consideramos esto como un comienzo, y un comienzo sagrado.

                                                                           Rvdmo. David Rice

Uncaged Art Exhibit | SJRAISE


The collection of artwork comes from the Tornillo Children's Detention Camp where close to 3,000 unaccompanied minors from Central and South America were held. Art was a way to express their faith, the love of their family and friends, and pride in their homeland.


To learn more about the artwork, read this article from the New York Times

Watch the art exhibt by clicking on the photo above.

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