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Continuing the Camino




Don’t forget to turn in your coin cans for SJRAISE  & Immigration Month the first week of July!

The funds raised will go to support the work of our partners

 Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity & KWESI




Check out this YouTube video on the Yokut Indians of the Central Valley and Tulare Lake and share in your congregations.  It includes information about the then governor’s order for the extermination of the Yokut peoples.





Stay tuned for more opportunities to keep the work of the Camino progressing in EDSJ!

Buen Camino!


Thank you EDSJ for supporting the Caminantes in their journey April 22-May 13 around the diocese!  We could not have made the journey without your willingness to feed, host, drive and financially support us!

One of the things we learned during the Camino was that we were only scratching the surface of ministry opportunities and partnerships in our neighborhoods.  Each month, we will highlight ways in which you and your congregation can continue the work of the Camino locally.

Opportunities for June:



there are lots of PRIDE events happening around the diocese…find one where you can show up and stand in solidarity, wave your flag with pride, and advocate for the love, health and well-being of all our sisters and brothers!


we are still taking donations on the diocesan website for our partner organizations, and the Center is one of those partners!

Likewise, we ask that you consider celebrating and acknowledging Juneteenth in your congregation (more information forthcoming).

An easy way to support the work of the Center is to subscribe to their newsletter ( and to include this link in your e-newsletters or other publications and encourage people to visit the website and subscribe to the newsletter.

There are lots of great resources!


IMMIGRATION MONTH:  June is immigration month in EDSJ!

Each congregation has been given a can to pass around in the month of June to raise money to support the work and ministry of SJRAISE.

There will be a ZOOM webinar with Sal Prassad and others who have experienced detention here in our diocese as undocumented peoples on June 11 at 6:30pm (more information forthcoming).

We are also asking all quilters to consider making twin size quilts out of your scrap materials to be sent to the border as part of the “Wrapped in Love” program.  If you don’t have time to make quilts, please send any fabric scraps, batting or twin size flat sheets (for the backs of the quilts) to Episcopal Church of the Saviour in Hanford and their quilters will get to work!


Stay tuned for more opportunities to keep the work of the Camino progressing in EDSJ!

Buen Camino!

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