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April 22-May 13, 2023

Calling All Drivers…El Camino de la Pascua needs  you!

So maybe walking 300+ miles is not your thing, but you want to be part of the commitment and an integral part of making this Camino successful.


What’s needed:


--You need to contribute a day of your time, your car that accommodates at least 3 people and a positive attitude.


--On the day you’re assigned, you arrive on time (at least 10 minutes before our departure time) with a tank full of gas, at an assigned place on the route. You will need a cell phone with Google Maps that you know how to use.

--You will be one of at least two runner cars for the team that day.  You will pace the walkers to ensure they aren’t getting separated from the group, or if they become tired, they may need to hop a ride for a bit.  You may be asked to return short-term walkers to their point of origin to retrieve their car.

--We need people who are dependable, flexible, willing to make a supply run, and have a ‘can do’ outlook on this adventure. You also need a current driver’s license, and an insured car.


--Please know that you are welcome to stay for dinner (6pm), the program and service after the day’s walk. And then you can go back to your comfortable familiar bed in your own home.


--If you want to do this every day, or just one day – we love you and Bless you for being a part of this amazing El Camino de la Pascua.

Be sure to include:

  • Your mobile number and email address to be used by the team to contact you before and during The Camino.

  • The specific day (s) you are available – Yes you can do this more than once!

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