At a time in the life of the church when and where diocesan and local leaders wrestle with questions of what the next season of the church will bring, The Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin is already in that season. This is a story of new beginnings, reimagined leadership, and a story of discovery through previously uncharted relationships. This book covers the lived experience of Diocesan leadership in a re-emerging Diocese with the presupposition that others will find themselves in a similar situation, albeit perhaps by different circumstances. 


Follow along as Bishop David Rice and Canon Anna Carmichael travel the roads of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin.  Together they recount stories of finding themselves as leaders and the church through finding others, which includes not only the "traditional" ways of being church, but also some surprises as they uncovered past hurts and hopes for healing.  The prospect of restarting a Diocese, and therefore local worshiping communities, is both challenging and enlivening.  Bishop David and Canon Anna explore what's essential to new life, what systems and structures may need to be modified, changed or allowed to die, as well as the joyful resurrection that awaits when you take risks in making it up as you go.  A Holy Experiment isn't a check list of how to be the church in the 21st century, but it is a roadmap to be considered for the days before us.

Signed Copy of "A Holy Experiment: Finding Ourselves through Finding Others"